What's next for Surface Hub 2

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Read the blog post here!


Key points:

  • Surface Hub 2 to come in 2 variants: Surface Hub 2S and 2X

Surface Hub 2S 

  • 2S will launch in Q2 2019 and come with the same Windows 10 Team OS we're used to in Surface Hub
  • 2S supports on-prem and hybrid environments

Surface Hub 2X

  • 2X will launch in 2020 and require a removable processor cartridge upgrade
  • 2X will introduce the new features we;ve been teased; tile, rotate, multi-user login
  • 2X appears to be fully powered by Microsoft 365; on-prem customers may need to move to cloud services to take full advantage
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Today Microsoft also showed us the first public demo of the Surface Hub 2X hardware and software, showing the efforts that they have been putting into making the new Windows Core OS and the 'Aruba' Composable Shell (C-Shell) for Surface Hub.


I must say, that rotation is looking smoooooth! And the multiple user sign-in via fingerprint is pretty awesome too!