Attendees need to be able to magnify screens during presentation


I don' t think I've seen this although I know it is a requested feature.   Attendeeds in Skype for Business Meetings on a notebook, are unable to truly enjoy the experience as the resolution on their Notebooks is one challenge.  But, the wasted screen of Skype Meeting is a bigger problem.  there is a border that takes up about 15-20% of the screen that forces the smallness of the viewing area.


How do we get to enjoy the FULL SCREEN experience that we get to use with other solutions?

Also other solutions have a magnifier as a way to help this behavoir.


Thoughts?  Anyone else?



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Hi David - Great feedback.  Please be sure you log it in so we can formally track the request.  I'm sure you aren't the first person to have had this feedback - you can search for others' and +1 if it's already logged.