SFB disconnect every 5mins

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I am new to join this community, we are starting to deploy O365 in our company, but the SFB 2016 keep disconnect every 5mins, already submit SR to MS but MS said it is related to network issues by no reasons and MS will not help on investigate the network issues, we already check all our network devices and cannot find any clues, does anyone can give me hints on it?

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Hi Wai,

when you say disconnect, are you removed completely from the meeting or do you 'just' lose audio? Also, which client are you using to join?




Hi Thomas,


During the disconnect, the SFB will logout and login again automatically, all contact list will refresh...

When I sending message, the message will become undeliverable and trigger as a "Missed conversation" email and found in my Outlook inbox, when I was opening a meeting, the meeting will on hold and no responds for couple seconds then resume, when I was opening a voice meeting, the sound will lost for few seconds then resume.

That is very annoying for using SFB...



My primary suspicion would be the network -- is there any netwrok equipment between your client and O365 that might casue a disconnect on a regular basis? This could include firewalls, proxies, packet shapers etc. I recommend to look at the Skype Operationsframework for information on Network Readiness: https://www.skypeoperationsframework.com/Offers/?pageState=NetworkReadiness


Another idea might be any client side antivirus/firewall. While I have not seen this in the past you might want to get sure that there is no software taht causes the disconnects (e.g. by temporarily disabling the client side software).






Dear Thomas,


Thanks for your reply, I will study the assessments tool, and also we already checked out all out network devices that can't find andy clues on this case. It must not related to any firewall/anitvirus installed in my Windows, since I using the basic Windows 10 setting for test.


I have tried to search "skype for business 5mins disconnect" in google and replied with many similar cases and sure with different background settings, and many of them did not resolved.