Presenter can NOT record his own web cam

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A presenter enables his webcam to display his gestures during a presentation.

When the meeting is recorded by the presenter himself, the webcam video is not included in the recorded session.

When the meeting is recorded by a participant then the webcam video of the presenter is included in the recorded session. 

We encounter the issue when using S4B 2016.

It seems quite logic that a presenter can record his own meeting, including the video from his webcam.

What are we missing?

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Let's see if perhaps @Subramanian Vasudevan might have heard of this issue?

We've performed additinal testing and narrowed down the scenario when this happens to Office 2016. The web cam part is only missing when the recording is done by somebody who installed Office 2016. With Office 2013 everything is working as expected.

Hello @Eric Deferm, thank you for clarifying the scope of your issue. Indeed, we are investigating this as a potential regression of functionality and I will circle back when I have more updates to share regarding the investigation progress and the fix if any.


Keep the feedback coming!

@Subramanian Vasudevan wrote:

potential regression of functionality

 Is that "Microsoft Speak" for what most of us would call a bug?

@Eric Deferm could you also clarify if the issue is only reproducible with only a single participant in the meeting who tries to record his own video?


Please test again like so and let me know what you find.

1. Start and join a new meeting.

2. Start video.

3. Start recording the meeting (only 1 participant, yourself, connected)

4. Wait 5 seconds

5. Add a new participant into the same meeting, wait for them to accept. They need not be sharing their video.

6. Wait for 5 seconds after they join the meeting.

7. Stop recording or end the meeting


We would like to know if your own video was successfully recorded after step #5, when a second participant is added to the meeting.

Hello @Cary Siemers, we are still investigating the symptoms in order to understand if this is a bug. Apologies for the confusion in terminology.

Hi @Subramanian Vasudevan tx for providing good test instructions.

We followed the different steps as you requested.

When I'm the only participant, my web cam doesn't show, from the moment a new participant joins my web cam becomes visible.

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@Eric Deferm kind of you for taking the time. I can confirm that this matches the symptoms for a bug that has already been reported, and the fix has been lined up for the next Skype For Business client update which should be delivered as per usual via office updates. Unfortunately we dont have a timeline to share at this point, but stay tuned at the Office Tech Center for details.