Skype for business online meet errors


We setup hybrid S4B online with our Lync 2013, I've migrated a few users including mine which is enterprise voice enabled and I got my onsite PSTN working.. hurray.


But we've been encountering a number of times when users are getting "A server error occured. Please contact your support team" When users try joining meetings hosted in the cloud.


I've reviewed the client logs and don't see much more to go on, its hit and miss when it happens and if the user tried multiple times most of the time they will get in.


Wondering if others are seeing this before I get too deep into it.


This is already causing users to request to be moved back onprem.


Today we got a report of a user from home experiencing the same thing, so I don't think its our internal network.

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Very nice. Have you seen any issues while setting up HYBRID? Trying note to impact users during HYBRID set up.
I'm getting an similar error.
Windows 10, Office 2016 from ISO installer (not click to run). When I use meeting invite from Outlook to join a skype meeting. It takes a while to connect to the meeting then errors out. Using Skype for biz online service.
Have you found a solution to this? I'm working with a partner and with MS support still nothing.
Hi Jason,
In the last 2 weeks it has resolved itself.
Most of the meeting I could not join were from one particular staff person.
I think that windows/Microsoft updates in the last few weeks have made a difference.
Now I cant work out if it was updates from myside or updates to our Project mgrs. system who sends out 95% of the meeting invites I receive.

What I would try in your testing is creating meeting requests from different users on different platforms (eg win7, win10, office 2013, office 2016) and a mix between meeting invite created in outlook client v's invite from outlook in the browser.