Skype for Business Online - Interesting Chat Issue

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We have an interesting issue in our Skype for Business online environment.  Some of our user's missed conversations which are saved to the Missed Conversations folder in our Exchange Online cloud email inboxes have timestamps on the conversations that are incorrect.  Specifically the timestamps are all in the Pacific Standard Time (PST) Timezone, whereas our users are mainly in Europe, and have all of their client settings aligned to the local timezone.


We have established that this only affects user who are using either the Skype for Business mobile client for iOS or Android.  This is causing end-user confusion.  


Wondering how prevant this issue is, and whether other users of Skype for Business Online with Skype for Business Mobile client have experienced this.


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Thats a strange one. Are both exchange and skype users located in European Azure datacenters?

Yes we are fully hosted in Europe.

Have these users logged into OWA and set their timezone there?

Like to revive this thread, as we are seeing the same issue, although our tenant is hosted in the US. The timestamp is exactly 3 hours off (see screenshot).MissedConv.png








A quick search indicates this issue has been going on for a while now -


My organisation raised a Microsoft Premier Support Ticket about this, and they have confirmed this as an issue in our tenant and shared details on root cuase, and how it will be fixed, and a timeline for the release of the fix.


I'm not going to share more details in this thread, but suggest that you raise a Premier Support Ticket you'll probably get confirmation of the issue and information on the resolution timeframe.


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Same thing here, would like to see a fix at some point.

Some more details on the fix, which requires the following elements.

  • SFB Android Mobile Client - requires at least version 6.16 Release ( from the Google Play store.
  • SFB iOS Mobile Client - requires at least version 6.16 from the Apple Store
  • Mac client version 16.8
  • Server Side UCWA Fix.


You need to have all of these components (where relevant) for the fix.  If you have no Mac, or Android, or iOS users then that component is not required.  For the UCWA fix this is 'server' (tenant) side, so those affected can get an insight from Microsoft as to when their tenant will be updated with the fix.


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