What am I doing wrong when using sharepoint on excel

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i have a person who is a member of a sharepoint file / group and they cannot see it on excel when they open it.


they’ve tried opening sharepoint on office 365 and opened file ok but when went back into excel to open it not find it.


what are we doing wrong please? 


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@tweacleI have experienced that the Document Library in the SharePoint site does not appear in Excel if you have not been inside and worked in the document library via the desktop version of Excel before. If this person enters the SharePoint site, selects the file and selects "open" and then selects "Open in app", the file should be opened in the desktop version of Excel. The next time the person opens Excel, selects "Open" and "Sites", Excel should "remember" the address and appear under "Frequent" and he/she should be able to open the SharePoint site's document library and its files from there.
Another thing you can try is to go to the SharePoint site and choose to follow the site. Then it can be displayed under "Following" when you open Excel and select "Open" and "Sites".
Hope one of these variants solves the problem.


Sorted. Big massive thanks

@shreked Sorry it may be me being dumb here.  When someone new wants to see on their excel sheet. I know that I have to open in sharepoint as previous comments but do I have to put some data in and then save it before closing in sharepoint for it to show in excel list?