Using Flow to Create News Items from a SharePoint List

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Is it possible to create a News Items in a SharePoint Modern site using Flow with data from a SharePoint Online list within the same site?



If yes, how?


Thank you

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I don't believe creating Modern Site Pages/News is possible using native actions in Flow/Logic Apps. 


One possible (advanced) solution would be to:

  1. Trigger a Flow from a list item
  2. Get the item's properties
  3. Call an Azure Function that creates a modern page using the information from the list item:
  4. Publish the page as news
Mmm...let me disagree here. In Flow we can directly call SPO API so in theory we can do whatever we need inside the Flow

I want to do this as well.


What ever happened with this post?  Did you guys find a solution?


I did look up and the C# code is there.


Not sure if Azure functions, graph, other API things, could be used to create this functionality?


Anyone have an idea or working solution?



Any news on this front? Can this be done? I am trying to take a RSS need from our public website and cross post a link to the news feed on out sharepoint site.
That would be cool! I'm also trying to do the same thing, but haven't yet found a way to automate this.

Any luck with this? I'm wondering the same thing. I'd love to build a flow that when an RSS feed updates, it pushes the post to cross-post on our internal Sharepoint News site. Has anyone had luck with this?


@physics515 Any updates? How did you guys get it working? Or did it in another way? We are currently looking into something simular.
I would like to use the "News link" for it, I was able to copy an existing "News link" but was not able to update it via the API calls