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I am looking for a way to upload my CSV contact file that I exported from Outlook, to SharePoint online. Any solutions? Thanks!

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Hi - Can you be a bit more precise as to what you're trying to do?

Do you want to import them in a SharePoint list? Do you want them to be contacts in the tenant? ....

I think a SharePoint list would be fine. I've tried to explore with the SharePoint contacts app but had no success. I am just looking for ways to store contacts in SharePoint that came from Outlook. I'm not opposed to any solution.

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On the top of my head, you could use Microsoft Access or PowerShell PnP to do this, but using Access is probably the most user-friendly way to do it.


1) Convert your CSV file to an Access database
           * Open Access
           * New (blank) database
           * New Data Source (in the ribbon)
           * Choose From File >> Text File
           * Browse to your CSV file
           * Select your preferences for the rest...


2) Modify the records in the Access database (i.e.: Remove columns you don't want)

3) Export to SharePoint List




The columns will be created/added for you in the SharePoint List
PS: You may need to remove the "Title" column from the Access database to avoid conflicts


Works fine :smile:






A more easy way...save the CSV file as Excel file, store the Excel file in one of the sites you have access to and then use the new way of creating lists from Excel to create a list based on your Excel file ;)

@Juan Carlos González Martín 

We are just full of possibilities :lol:

What is the new way of creating lists from Excel? And how do I do it? Thank you for all your help!

@Juan Carlos González Martín