Template SharePoint Library?

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Is it possible to create a template document library? Which when a new SharePoint site (or MS Teams) is created it uses that template document library? 


E.g., the template document library has defined views and columns, e.g., status (draft, published, archived, obsolete).


If so is there any documentation on how to implement this?

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Its the sort of thing that you could define in a site script that gets run whenever as new site is created.
Site owners can also define a template, depending on their permissions (probably need to be site collection admins)
This seems like a pretty comprehensive guide

The Ultimate Guide to SharePoint Site Templates and Site Scripts (laurakokkarinen.com)

Hi @WYellow,


Here, it seems the same subject as yours with a Microsoft answer: How can I create a Document Library Template in SharePoint - Microsoft Community


The conclusion is: currently, no easy way - to create a Template by script or automation.
- PnP PowerShell: extract existing library as Template (XML) and import it to another site

- Microsoft 356 CLI: script the configuration of your library

- Power Automate / Logic App: you can use REST API to create or use an existing library and apply all settings


Hoping this information will help you :)