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Hi Everyone,


So, I have been tasked to create and management sharepoint for my organization and I've learned quite a bit using the resources Microsoft has given us. However, I've also learned that creating sites for each department of my Organization has become cumbersome. I've been trying to create a site template for my Org but it's not really to my liking. For example, I've gotten to the point where I can create the template however, I'm unable to include certain content (Web parts, lists, the company's logo, Doc library etc.) I've been following some of the documentations on the Microsoft SPO page but it doesn't really specify how to achieve the desired outcome I'm looking for. Basically what I'm saying is does anyone know how to create a site template that'll include all of the content I listed above?


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Hi 6Lack I’m much in the same position… it’s become very cluttered in setup now. Another thing you need to note is security groups and that each security group needs to be added in the back end of SharePoint before you can assign them access to files within it.

It’s a pain in the **bleep**.

If someone gives you an answer though, LET ME KNOW!

@CAG_IT  Will do!