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Hi all ,

Can I change my SharePoint site URL from Https://  to something like Https:// 


Please suggest.



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@MeShare115 have a loomk at


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Keep in mind that you cannot set your site URL to a domain that you do not have registered to your tenant. Unless I am mistaken about your affiliation, I do not think you'll be able to utilize
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I think you need to first buy and register the domain name. ( in this case)
Hi ,

Thanks for the response . I have mentioned just for an example to short the URL. But as you mentioned we can not change the domain unless it is registered to the tenant . Is there any other possiblity to change URL like it was available in SharePoint on premise versions using AAM.
Hi , I want to change whole URL not only the last part of the Url.
No, there is not such an option for SPO...the only possibility you have is to rename your tenant: