Shared Calendars Not Syncing with Outlook for Mac

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I have created public calendars to be used organization wide under the corresponding group in SharePoint (it is considered a SharePoint List). With the calendar open in the browser, I have the option to connect to Outlook. On the Windows computers, this works well, two clicks later it shows in my Outlook program. On the Macs, however, this option is grayed out. Permissions are the same across the board as are every other setting I can find. (Running Outlook for Mac 2019). How can I connect my Sharepoint "List" Calendar so that it shows in users Outlook for Mac?

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Any resolution to this?  Also noticed groups are not syncing as well.

@JeffreySnyder I have not found a solution yet. We set our calendars up as public folders within Outlook instead and that seems to be working well.

@Ruth_EMC  I have the same issue. We have 5 of 30 people on Macs and we cannot connect them to the shared calendar. Can you please share how you were able to work around this?

@TA_Greene We are still operating with them set up as public folder files in Outlook which are then saved as favourites to personal calendars. It seems to be working with minimal issues.