Hi all wonder if there is a migration tool to move data from a sharepoint 2010 to a sharepoint 2010!


We recently had our site attacked and the result wasn't good this was running on  MOSS 2007 on Windows 2003 and SQL 2005 :) say no more


So we simply migrated the database and got it running again on 2010 however there are some inherent issues around this and i want to start a clean install and only migrate certain data especially not the master pages which are corrupt and are part of the database.


Hence is there a tool to migrate from 2010 to 2010?


I appreciate that this maybe a stupid question!!!



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@Ian Maclauchlan 


ShareGate migrates from 2010 straight to 2019 or SharePoint Online. You could probably migrate from 2010  to 2010 if you really wanted to.

@Ian Maclauchlan 


Alongside Rob's suggestion, I've always found Metalogix Content Matrix worthwhile. It used to have a free 25GB trial that may work for you.