Sharepoint website, where is the recycle bin?

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a user deleted parts of his SharePoint website. now he/we get a 404 Error, if we want to open the site.

Is there a recovery function, and where can I find it?


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Is this a Full site? If so, ask your SPO Admin to recover the site from the Sites Recycle Bin.

Hello @taichroth_84 , 


Thanks for reaching out. If there is any website deleted and you are getting 404 not found, you can follow the below steps:


1. Go to SharePoint admin center: and then check the tenant level recycle bin. If you see the site there you can restore it from there which is going to take some time to restore however you should be able to access the site within an hour or two. 


2. If the site is not available there, check by adding the tail to the link customizing the site with the affected site to see if the link is redirecting to the site components: - Site pages - Site content


If you are able to access the component it could be a possibility that the site page was deleted, thus you will have to create a new page or go to below URL to restore the page if it is in the recycle bin: - Recycle bin

@taichroth_84Hi - sounds like he could well have deleted the homepage from the Site Pages library. The homepage is the main landing page for all links to the site so editing the URL of a link to the Site Pages library will allow you to set another page as homepage. Alternatively you can go to the recycle bin and restore the deleted page.


Site pages: https://<your tenant domain>/sites/<site alias>/SitePages/Forms/ByAuthor.aspx

Recycle bin: https://<your tenant domain>/sites/<site alias>/_layouts/15/AdminRecycleBin.aspx?view=5