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When we get a new order, my team click the '+ New' icon and do some data entry into a dataset page and click save.


I want to configure Sharepoint so that, when they click 'Save' it automatically generates an ID field that has been contacented from two other fields (client name and today's date)


Can anybody tell me how to do this or is there a step by step guide somewhere that can show me?


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Hi @andrewmice,
You can create a new Calculated Column with the below formula in your List/Library to concatenate Client Name field (Text field) and Today's date and display as per your need. Please ensure to make the Client Name field as mandatory field in your List/Library. The below formula has to be entered in the Formula space after selecting Calculated in your create new column screen.

Formula is =CONCATENATE([ClientName_Field],TEXT(Today(),"ddmmyyyy"))
Please change the fields name as per your List/Library Columns.

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