SharePoint Search Won't Find Documents Within Library

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I have created a hierarchical site configuration for my team where we have a parent site and 2 parallel subsites. One subsite is a document center with several libraries. The other subsite is a collaboration site for the team to use to share files and communicate. When I am on the parent site and use the top bar search function it finds the documents in the libraries from either of the subsites. However, if I try to search from the subsites the results are empty. If I open a particular library and search, then the documents show up. So why would a search from a parent site show results from a subsite but a search from that subsite not show those results? I am the site owner and SCA, permissions are inherited, I've checked all the usual search options like include in search results.


Any help would be appreciated.



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It's been 2 months and I still haven't been able to find a resolution. Anybody have any ideas?

Hello @Regamble 


i have checked the scenario, it works fine:



Which Search do you use? Also the Microsoft Search on top?

Are your documents checked-in and published as major version?


Best, Dave

Hi Dave,
Thank you for your reply. I'm using the global search from the top of the SharePoint screen. All documents are checked in, only major versions. From the parent site, everything works like it should, searching and finding all documents from the subsite. The subsite has 6 libraries, all of which have documents that properly show up in the search from the parent site. However, this is why I'm so confused, if I go to the subsite and perform the same search, it does not search within the libraries.

So, I have a library on the subsite named "Reports" that has about 100 excel reports in it. From the parent site, if I search for "01_25_2024_HR" then it shows up in the results. But, from the subsite where the library lives, if I search for that same document, I get nothing. This is true of every document in my subsite. Shows up when searching from the parent site but does not show up when searching from the subsite where the library lives and the document is stored.