Auto-incrementing 'SETS' of reference numbers

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I am trying to automate my document library so that the file names are (somewhat) automatically generated. Essentially, if you drop a file onto the "ITL" group (the document library is grouped based on a 'department' column), it currently automatically sets the department to "ITL".

What I would like to do is to kick off a power automate workflow once the "Document Type" has been set (let's say it's been set to "SOP")... the document should be renamed to SOP-ITL-001, and the next one should be SOP-ITL-002... HOWEVER, if it is a different department or document type, it should use its OWN series of numbers (for example, SOP-SLS-001 or ABC-ITL-001).


There are a ton of resources out there for using a single set of numbers, but I can't find a single example of multiple sets.

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