Sharepoint Online Throttling

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When uploading a single folder through the web interface, you can get throttled if that folder holds a large number of files.


I'd suggest you update the web interface for Sharepoint to slow down its requests in order to not get throttled due to a single user action.  Uploading a folder shouldn't hit internal limits, your application should be smart enough to avoid that situation and showing users errors.


Data integrity is lost due to upload errors and user trust in the system is compromised.

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Microsoft don't on the whole monitor these discussions, you would be best of reporting a ticket in the Office 365 Admin portal. 


If you are having issues uploading through the browser then a work around, and the best way to do it generally would be to sync the destination location to your desktop and then drop the folder into that location. The Sync client is intelligent with your bandwidth and will upload the documents in the background. 

Agree, the application should either inform you upfront that you are exceeding it's boundaries or it should do what it is supposed to do and avoid being throttled and provide proper logging.

Given that you are trying to upload a folder structure with 5800 items and 33 GB in size I expect that you are exceeding the boundaries. Microsoft may have also changed the throttling limits to cater for the massive increase in usage over the past few weeks due to the Coronavirus.

a. Upload the structure in smaller chunks. Tedious, not what one expects from Enterprise application.
b. Use migration tools like SPMT or commercial ones. This might be over the top for occasional use by employees.
c. Use browser-based tools that can handle these kind of volumes (and avoid throttling and provide resilience and logging).
d. Use OneDrive for Business (not my favourite).

The best way forward also depends if you need to retain the original modification dates, set custom metadata or extract document properties.


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