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Hi all,

I'm conducting some migrations to SharePoint online. My projects have different use cases, for example, small business - 10 people / medium business - 50+ / large - 100+/enterprise - 1,000+. So what is the best way to go forward if I have to migrate different business sizes to the cloud like that. 

  • example 100GB or 1TB file size of documents?

  • Large list over 50,000 or 100,000?

  • How long will it take for the large data to migration to SharePoint Online? estimated time per GB?

ShareGate was a tool that I used for migration to the cloud but it still throttled while trying to migrate. I'm considering between SharePoint Migration Tool (SPMT) and PowerShell. Which one is better solution for throttling?

  • Can I increase the throttling limit before it gets throttled?

  • Would a datagate be an option to getting it quickly into the cloud?

Sorry for posting too many questions, so I really appreciate that if you can answer just some of them.

Thank you so much.

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My two cents here:
(1) Both Sharegate and SPMT are worth here, both use same APIs and have PS support. Both tools also deal with throttling while doing a migration
(2) Try to migrate in a migration window where less activity in SPO is expected. For instance, in the evenings
(3) Migration rate depends on different factors such as bandwidth available, number of files to be migrated, etc
(4) You cannot increase throttling limit

@Harry_Le Hi, if you haven’t seen this yet, it’s worth a look


Microsoft outline three scenarios ranging from 2TB to 250GB a day depending on the type of data.  Microsoft say a common SharePoint API is used and all of the solutions SPMT or third party, that use this, will be subject to these factors.  Also for particular large migrations the advice is to contact Microsoft as outlined in that article. 

@Harry_Le We have a migration time calculator on our website here for our file migration tool Files To Go. Check the right hand column of the web page.


If you download and run Files To Go in trial mode then select the files you want to migrate it will then provide a more accurate estimate of your migration time based on the files you have selected and your bandwidth.



@Juan Carlos González Martín thanks Juan, such a useful information

Thanks @Cian Allner, I've already seen that. It solved a part of my problem.


Thanks @Myles Jeffery It works.