SharePoint Lists do not accept date format from date picker (punctuation vs. dash as delimiter)

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Hi All


I have an odd scenario.


I have a MS Lists, where I have a date column with a date picker, Whenever I use the date picker to chose a new date e.g. 10th July 2022, it suggests 10.07.2022 (punctuation between digits) (info: order of DD-MM-YYYY is a Danish date format). Validation of the entered date suggests I use the format MM/DD/YYYY (forward slash between digits), while the previously entered date have the format of DD-MM-YYYY (dash between digits).


I want the date format to be the same as already entered values in the SharePoint List (dash between digits and DD-MM-YYYY). How do I prevent the date picker for suggest punctuation between digits (DD.MM.YYYY)?


Please see screenshot.


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Hi Jens,


Was this ever resolved for you?  I have a few users in our tenant experiencing the same issue.

I have have somewhat similar problem: The "normal" (but not very good) behavior seems to be, that when editing an item, the date field is initially presented correctly (with dashes), and when you click in the field it is transformed into dots while the picker is visbile. Then when selecting a date and closing the picker, it gets transformed back to dashes.
However: On some lists (not all) this transformation does not happen, and it insists on keeping the dots, resulting in the error "Wrong format" and not being able to save.
Has anybody else seen this behavior and have ideas for fixing it?
I just found the "solution" to the problem I described: When I change the list setting under Advanced Settings, Offline Client Availability to false, the date picker "works" again. Not so well as one could wish for (it still shows dots instead of dashes) but it is able to accept and convert the date to dashes.
See this link: