SharePoint Online - "enter a date like this error" message

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I have a SharePoint list where employees create a new item and fills out a form and submits it.  I'm having problem with a date column though.  Users have the correct access to this list and are using the date picker yet still receiving this error message.


Is there a different kind of access that I need to check?


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Nobody has seen this before?

We have other users that are able to do it so I'm wondering if it's an access issue
I'm getting the same error but only for one user even though they appear to have the right permissions. Did you manage to resolve the error?



I did not.  I just deleted the date column and started using a single line text column instead  :|


If you figure it out, please reply back here

Someone, please find a solution to this! A colleague asked me yesterday to look at it, as she was having trouble using the date picker when adding a new item in a SP list. I did not have the same problem, and tried various solutions with no luck. Regional settings in SP, on the computer, in Office, Sharepoint Admin settings ++. Today another colleague contacted me and experienced the same. However, now I also had this issue. Seriously..?!

Everything works fine when inputting new list element with the sharepoint mobile phone app. I then tried Edge browser (Chrome is my default), but same problem here with incorrect date format. Then, for the hell of it, I tried explorer. It had correct date format there! I then checked my Chrome regional setting and language, and everything seems fine...?! However, when I changed from Norwegian to Danish and relaunched Chrome, the date field in SP worked! Going back to Norwegian messed it up again. There must have been some error in the Chrome update with language packs and formats...??

One of my colleagues has the same problem with Edge. I wasn't able to replicate the issue on Chrome.
I have this problem with a sigle user. She can enter the date with dashes ("-") and it will work, but neither . og / works. With my user, The data picker also return 22.3.2022 for today, as it does on hers, but mine is accepted (Btw it's all in Danish here)
We have the exact same issue with multiple of our users. Some only experience the issues in edge (default browser here), but others experience it in both chrome and edge. And others (including me) doesn't experience any issues entering dates at all.

(All danish here as well)

Hi guys, I think I found a solution.
We also struggled quite a lot with this issue, some users were able to enter the date, some were not no matter which browser they used or whatever browser/windows locale and language settings they had applied.


After some laborious debugging I found, that on the problematic machines, form validation requests were sent to address starting with localhost:42050 instead of

The whole problem was a list setting hidden under "Advanced Settings -> Offline Client Availability", which as far as I can tell, somehow caches or syncs (the details are unknown to me and I don't care about them much) the list to the local computer which then results in a lot of requests heading the localhost way instead of to the Microsoft cloud servers and also the form validation was going on localhost which resulted in the date picker error message.


Strangely this synchronization was active for some users, which then had the date picker problem and for some not, which had everything working perfectly. The signalization about active sync is also not seen at all times, but can be found next to the list name:



Solution then is to just turn off the Offline Client Availability and all our users suddenly stopped having problems with the date picker validation:



It's definitely worth trying, but in our case - all the lists are syncronized (even for me) but it works fine when I enter dates, while others have issues. It does seem to work again temporarily when the caches are cleared, so it stille could be related to the validation request you mentioned? Definitely something we will look into.

Anyone been able to try this solution out yet?
Hi, I've just tried and it works.
In our case, multiple users (devices) had problem with pick the date when locale settings was set to our region. After switching to 'No' option it works fine.
I' also tried to clear cache and it helped just temporary, but after few days problem came back.
Same problem and this also worked for me
We tried it, and this method helped us as well :)
What method did you use?
We turned off the Offline Client Availability on the list, and since then there haven't been any issues.
Wow. I have been seeing this issue on multiple environments and only recently saw your answer. I would have never thought that this would be the problem/solution. Kudos for the deep dive debugging!

@Hanne_Lauritzen The amazing thing is that this bug has been there for over a year and Microsoft doesn't fix such a huge bug messing with thousands of users around the world.


But thats the standard Microsoft way - create an amazing product and then mess up the last details making their products almost useless.

Same problem and it worked for me too! Thanks!

I changed Site Settings > Regional Settings > Locale from English (United States) to English (Canada) and problem started to appear. I changed back to English (United States) and this fixed it for me.