SharePoint Lists do not accept date format from date picker (punctuation vs. dash as delimiter)


Hi All


I have an odd scenario.


I have a MS Lists, where I have a date column with a date picker, Whenever I use the date picker to chose a new date e.g. 10th July 2022, it suggests 10.07.2022 (punctuation between digits) (info: order of DD-MM-YYYY is a Danish date format). Validation of the entered date suggests I use the format MM/DD/YYYY (forward slash between digits), while the previously entered date have the format of DD-MM-YYYY (dash between digits).


I want the date format to be the same as already entered values in the SharePoint List (dash between digits and DD-MM-YYYY). How do I prevent the date picker for suggest punctuation between digits (DD.MM.YYYY)?


Please see screenshot.


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Hi Jens,


Was this ever resolved for you?  I have a few users in our tenant experiencing the same issue.