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I'm trying to make a sharepoint list where i keep my task. But i want it to connect it to another sharepoint list where i keep my progress on my task.

And i want to combine these 2 list so i have a overview of all my task which are collapsible so i can see the progress step by step.

So for example. My task can be a record with the following colums:
  1. Status (New, In progress, Closed, etc)
  2. Department 
  3. Office
  4. Machine

And the progress colums are:

  1. Technician
  2. Work Done
  3. Date/Time

I thought of adding a ID colum for linking the 2 together but i don't find a way to group them so i see all the colums of the task and the dropdown for the progress records of this task.


Is this even possible?


Thanks at advance!

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@Ward84 This is not possible using SharePoint out of the box lists capabilities in modern experience. You will need custom solution for this.


Options for you:

  1. OOTB: Add both lists on a site page using "List" web part and use dynamic filtering to connect them. Connect web parts in SharePoint 
  2. PowerApps: You can develop canvas application in which you can easily show the lists using nested gallery controls
  3. SPFx: This requires coding & development experience. You can build your own web part using SPFx to show two nested lists. Check:
    1. sharepoint-framework-overview 
    2. sp-dev-fx-webparts   

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Hi @Ward84 

If you have a common ID, in that case you can use a simple lookup and add additional columns from the source list.




@ganeshsanap thanks for the quick reply!


It is indeed possible in powerapps but we wanted it in a sharepointlist.

But i will take a deeper look at the OOTB solution so thanks for this.


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@NanddeepNachan thanks for the quick reply!

I was playing with the lookup tables already but it doesn't make it collapsible if there are more than 1 items to the one record. Or i misunderstand what you are saying.


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Hi @Ward84 


In the List View settings, you can use Group By



The end result is as follows: