Copy site page with quick links to another site

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I have created a Power Automate flow that allows users to automate the creation of SharePoint sites.  They enter the site name and this creates the site using REST and then also copies some content from a template site.  The content that is copied is some folders and files from the Shared Documents library and a custom home page.


This all works fine - the content gets copied with no issue and the new home page is set as the site home page.  However, this new home page (which is copied from the template site) contains a Quick Links web part, which displays links for the folders in the Shared Documents library.  The issue is that the links in this web part are still pointing to the template site URL.  I was hoping to use relative URLs as these would be the same each time (/Shared Documents/Folder 1 etc) but Quick Links only seems to allow for the full URL:



Is there a way around this as everything else works perfectly in the automated process, but I can't see a way around this issue?


Thanks in advance.

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