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I want to create a Status field which is going to be a governed by a formulla.

The following are the statuses to be printed.
1. To be launched
2. Ongoing
3. Under Extraction 
4. Pending Signoff
5. Site Release Pending
6. Released to Site

This status bar should automatically updated according to the following formulla;
If Term Sheet Status = Yes && Launch Date Status = No, print - To be launched.
If Launch Status = Yes && Layout Signoff Status = No, print - Ongoing

If Layout Signoff Status = Yes && Customer Release Status = No, print - Under Extraction

If Customer Release Status = Yes && Customer Signoff Status = No, print - Pending Signoff
If Customer Signoff Status = Yes && Site Release Status = No, print - Site Release Pending

If Site Release Status = Yes, print - Released to Site



The following is the code that I wrote for the same. But its showing SYNTAX ERROR. If someone can help me out with this.

IF(AND([Term Sheet Signed Status]="Yes",[Launch Status]="NO","TO BE LAUNCHED",
IF(AND([Launch Status]="YES",[Layout Signoff Status]="NO","ONGOING",
IF(AND([Layout Signoff Status]="YES",[Customer Release Status]="NO","UNDER EXTRACTION",
IF(AND([Customer Release Status]="YES",[Customer Signoff Status]="NO","PENDING SIGNOFF",
IF(AND([Customer Signoff Status]="YES",[Site Release-AR Status]="NO","SITE RELEASE PENDING",
IF([Site Release-AR Status]="YES","RELEASED TO SITE",




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@Intern_cPMO the first thing I noticed was that you have no else on the last if statement

IF([Site Release-AR Status]="YES","RELEASED TO SITE", 


You need an else clause where I've put "???"

IF([Site Release-AR Status]="YES","RELEASED TO SITE", "???"


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