Events web part not populating Teams calendar events (Modern Sharepoint)

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We have a Teams calendar set up and two related modern Sharepoint site pages where we would like to use the Events web part. Please see the attached screenshots. 


Screenshot 1: Test events have been added to the Teams calendar for this group, "B" (redacted for privacy)


Screenshots 2 and 3: In the web part on both site pages, the settings are set up as:
Source - "Select sites"

Frequent sites - selected "B" (redacted for privacy)

Date Range - "All Upcoming Events"



As you can see, the events are for the current week, hosted on the team, and with web part settings that seem straightforward.

We need this working asap this week. Please help!

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i think, this are different parts:

- Events are stored only in a SharePoint List

- Teams Calender entries are based on Exchange


With the events web part you can only rollup events, for calender entries you can use the group calendar web part, but there will show only the entries on the current site, it's not a rollup.


Regards, Dave

Sorry, we gave up on this one since we hadn't gotten a reply.

Looking at it now, it seems like your advice to get our Calendar Events to show is to use the Group Calendar web part?

The Events view is nice, but I'm not sure what the setup is for the "SharePoint list" you're talking about. I don't know anything about scheduling an event via a list, so if you have those steps that could be helpful to understand. I don't get why you'd go outside of a calendar tool that's built into the team to set up an event on a date???



in my reply, i point out that there are two web parts that have a different basis.


Events Web Part - based on SharePoint List:


Group Calendar Web Part - show up goup calendar entries:


Regards, Dave