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Hi I would really appreciate some insight as I have been stuck with my Formula for a calculation column in my SharePoint List as I have been getting syntax error. 


Here is what I am hoping to achieve with the formula. 

Calculate and output the days between Start Date and End Dates while excluding weekends and Also to exclude (From a Different List that has Holiday dates) the dates between Holiday Start Date and Holiday End Date while excluding Weekends as well. 


Here is my Formula - 


=IF(AND(WEEKDAY([Start Date],2)<6, WEEKDAY([End Date],2)<6),INT(([End Date]+1)-([Start Date]+1))-INT((([End Date]+1)-([Start Date]+1))/7)*2-IF(OR(WEEKDAY([Start Date],2)=7,WEEKDAY([Start Date],2)=1),1,0)-IF(OR(WEEKDAY([End Date],2)=7,WEEKDAY([End Date],2)=1),1,0)-SUM(IF(([Start Date]>=VacationDates[Start Date])*([Start Date]<VacationDates[End Date]),1,0)*((WEEKDAY(VacationDates[Start Date],2)<6)*(WEEKDAY(VacationDates[End Date],2)<6))),0)



I would really prevaricate some help


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We can't use reference of entries from different in SharePoint Calculated column.


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@realKarimSaleh Note below limitations related to SharePoint calculated columns:


  • You cannot reference a value in a row/item other than the current row/item.

  • You cannot reference a value in another list or library.

  • You cannot reference the ID of a row for a newly inserted row. The ID does not yet exist when the calculation is performed.

  • You cannot reference another column in a formula that creates a default value for a column.

DocumentationIntroduction to SharePoint formulas and functions 

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