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I have a custom list for a ticketing system. Using custom formatting, I've got a button that displays the EditItem form and the ViewItem form. My next challenge is to create button that can set a field for the item to the currently logged in user. (Accept ticket). Is this something I need to do with Flow? How do I pass the current item and logged in user to the flow?

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Hi @MjnMixael,


You can use Flow to perform an update item action in the list. Use the SharePoint "For a selected item" trigger. Add a "button" using JSON column formatting to start the Flow -


I hope this helps.



Oh I see. So that just leaves me with how to get the ID of the user who clicked the button or did I miss something?


Aha. It's included in the For Selected Item Trigger. Excellent.

Hi @MjnMixael,


That will be provided by the SharePoint "For a selected item" trigger. If you need help let me know.