SharePoint CSOM access vs Microsoft Graph API

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We are replacing old Microsoft.SharePoint.Client (CSOM) with Microsoft Graph API because the CSOM library is deprecated and Microsoft would prefer we move to the Graph API.


However. Large queries that work with the old library return with "too many resources" errors.

 { "error": { "code": "notSupported", "message": "The request is unprocessable because it uses too many resources", 


The querystring covers three hours and only 21 records.

/items?$filter=fields/Created ge '2024-04-17T10:00:01Z' and fields/Created le '2024-04-17T12:59:32Z' and (fields/CustID eq 'FUL-015')&expand=fields&top=133 


Online advice recommends turning this off or on. I've run it both ways and get the same result.

Prefer: HonorNonIndexedQueriesWarningMayFailRandomly 


The Graph as it relates to SharePoint seems to not be ready for primetime.


My questions are:
Is this a known issue?

Are there alternative libraries that can handle the load?

Will the SharePoint API be more robust?


Thank you. 








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