Shared folder and migration from Dropbox to Sharepoint

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I need to migrate my personal Dropbox account (improperly used for work) to Sharepoint using the "Migration Manager".
The reason I need this automatic migration is that I have a LOT of shared folders to and from internal and external users.

EXAMPLE of what I mean:



So my question are these:
1. To use the "Migration Manager" I need a Dropbox business account. If I switch to the plan "Professional" is the migration doable?

2. I have a lot of shared folders. In the documentation I read "...If a user isn't the owner of data they can access, we don't copy it. Content may be automatically re-shared after it's migrated..." and again "We don't recreate external sharing links. After migration, these have to be set in the destination manually". But what do they mean with "automatically re-shared"? In other words, regarding shared folders (from and to me), I have to recreate manually all the sharing? If so, how can I check all the shared folders and file?

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