How to integrate power app in share point ?

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How to add a power app in a Sharepoint page ? Can some one give me the sample steps to do that ? 

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To integrate a Power App into a SharePoint page, you can follow these steps:

  1. Create a Power App:
    • First, create the Power App that you want to integrate with SharePoint. You can create Power Apps using Power Apps Studio or Power Apps for Microsoft 365.
  2. Publish the Power App:
    • Make sure your Power App is published and shared with the appropriate users or groups within your organization.
  3. Open SharePoint:
    • Access your SharePoint site where you want to add the Power App.
  4. Edit the SharePoint Page:
    • Navigate to the page where you want to embed the Power App and click on the "Edit" or "Edit Page" option.
  5. Add a Web Part:
    • On the SharePoint page editor, look for the "Insert" or "Add a Web Part" option. This may vary depending on your SharePoint version. Choose the option to add a web part to your page.
  6. Select the Power App Web Part:
    • In the web parts menu, search for "Power Apps" or "Power App" to find the Power App web part. Select it.
  7. Configure the Power App Web Part:
    • After adding the Power App web part to your page, you will typically have options to configure it. You may be prompted to enter the URL of your Power App or select it from a list of available apps.
  8. Save and Publish:
    • Once you have configured the Power App web part, save your SharePoint page changes and publish the page if required.
  9. View the Page:
    • Exit the page editor and view the SharePoint page. You should see your Power App embedded within the page.
  10. Test the Integration:
    • Test the Power App's functionality within the SharePoint page to ensure it works as expected.
  11. Adjust Permissions (if needed):
    • Make sure that the users who need access to the SharePoint page and the embedded Power App have the necessary permissions.
  12. Customize Appearance (optional):
    • Depending on your SharePoint version and settings, you may have options to customize the appearance and layout of the Power App within the page.

Please note that the specific steps and options may vary depending on the version of SharePoint you are using and the permissions you have. If you do not see the Power App web part in your SharePoint, ensure that your SharePoint environment is configured to allow Power Apps integration.

Additionally, Microsoft's tools and interfaces are regularly updated, so the exact steps and options may change over time. It is a good practice to refer to the most up-to-date documentation or user guides provided by Microsoft for your specific SharePoint and Power Apps versions.

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