Searching across multiple tenants

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Hi guys,


do you know, if it's possible to search across multiple tenants in SharePoint Online? Possibly with PnP Modern Search Web Parts?


So for example: I have two separate tenants connected with Entra B2B, so we have a seameless login between the tenants with the same user.

Now I would like to aggregate for example news posts from different tenants to my "central" tenant. Same maybe with some documents. So I have some kind of landing page or dashboard users can use centrally.


Thanks in advance and best regards,


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Check if Microsoft Graph connectors supports such requirements:

  1. Microsoft Graph connectors overview for Microsoft Search 
  2. Microsoft Graph connectors samples 

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Thanks for your reply.

I tried to find anything, but I only found connectors to 3rd party stuff and on prem things.
You can always create your own custom connectors
Well sure, but I'm not a software engineer.

I thought this would be possible out of the box by just configuring it.