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I have created a quick links like below image:


I want to use this Quick link components in all other modern pages. Previously we had Promoted link webparts which we can add in any pages across site collection. How to acheive this in modern experience. 

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@LaxmikantB2 unfortunately the out-of-the-box quicklinks web part can't be saved & reused on other pages. The uservoice requests around the quick links are here.


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@LaxmikantB2 One way to get this outcome is to add the web part to a page template and then use the page template to create additional pages. It won't help if you need to add new links, but it will get you the outcome of having the same set of links on every page. You can also create your first page and then use the +New>Copy this page feature to create subsequent pages. 

+1 on this! All other CMS systems and sharepoint-like technologies have a "shared content" option for stuff like this. I also have created a great quick links and have it set just as we want it. Being able to reuse it on every page would be such a time saver - esp. if we add new links.



I did this by creating a site page with the Quick Links part as the only thing on the page below the title section.  This way I can embed that site page into the Home pages and only have to update the Quick Links on the one site page.


The Site Page:





The page as it is embedded on the Home page:





Thanks for the tip/work around.  I will try it and report back.  Or, MS could add that glaringly missing option ;^)