Preventing users from moving our customer folders we have 37,000 ++ folders inside out sharepoint on

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We have a document library named CustomerData, where for each customer we manually create a new folder under the root of the library and add their files, we have around 37,000++ folders, and users use OneDrive to sync them to their local PCs. now we always face issues, where users by mistake move the customer folders inside each others. so, we want to prevent this. so, i suggest the following approach:-

  1. when we create a new folder inside the root
  2. then a power automate flow will trigger and will do the following:-
    • Create a new subfolder under the root named Documents
    • remove the contribute permission on the newly created customer folder and only allow them to contribute on the subfolder

in this case they can add inside the customer folder through the customer subfolder, but they can not move or delete the customer folder itself...

can anyone advice on my approach? and is there a better way to manage this? Thanks

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To be honest, it sounds more of a structure issue than a moving and editing and moving file issue. 37K+ folders is a nightmare!!

I would recommend to split it up in multiple document libraries per Client? And using field and tags on each of them with client information and type of document. So the user only syncs one client or specific files.

Another way is tag all documents with what client and type and have a completely flat structure. And using VIews and filter you an user can find the files and just sync the file are needed.

@NicolasKheirallahthanks for the reply. We have each folder represents a separate customer ... so how many document libraries we will need to create, if we should not rely on one library


i am not sure why 37,000 folders is nightmare, SharePoint can handle 30million items inside libraries between files and folders..

Just because it supports it doesn't mean you have to use it, this is why. It's unmanageable and strcuturally a nightmare to maintain. Because as you said, people are accidently moving files all over the place.

So what you have is a structure issue and you need to rethink how to do and implement it, Finding information is harder, files and information move around unintentionally, users syncing 37k folder is not good either from a sync and storage perspective.

So try to fix the underlying issue instead of doing a quick fix