No sharing links options for folders anymore

Florian Hein
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Today I noticed that on many of our site collections the sharing links settings menu started looking like this:




This behaviour is exhibited by our classic site collections - at least I couldn't find any modern ones that where this is the case yet.


This is, although the tenant sharing setting is set to "People in your organization" which should make the second link option the default (which it has been in our tenant and still is on some sites):




Now, I know that certain site collection settings can affect the ability for members to be able to share files and folders. For example this setting:




But from my experience this only applies to users without full-access permission (like owners) or site collection admins.


In this case I as a global administrator am unable to select a sharing link type other than the one shown in the first screenshot.


For files this problem does not occur, everything works as fine there.


What's more is that I can still share the folder with an individual user by going through "Grant access" via the details pane of the selected folder:




Any ideas or did anyone notice this behaviour as well?


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Hi Florian,

you have already checked the Sites in your SharePoint Admin Center (external access settings inside the info panel)? So you only have this problem with folders not with files? Any policies?


@Jens Balondo, thanks.

Yes, I've checked affected site collections in the admin center and with PowerShell as well. They're set to ExternalUserSharingOnly. I've just tried switching it to ExistingExternalUserSharingOnly just to see if it makes a difference but it doesn't. I wouldn't expect it to make a difference as this setting should mostly apply to external sharing stuff and we're not even able to share folders within the tenant.


What's even more strange is the following: In the classic admin center, for a given site collection you can choose no to respect the default organization setting for the default link type from within the sharing settings menu. I set it to override the organizational setting and to default to:




And what that does it indeed switch the default link type in the background but the GUI does not completely reflect the change. What it shows me is an empty box but it let's me pick the user name which suggests that it is of type "Direct"




I guess this might honestly be a bug. I will create a ticket with the MS support and keep you guys posted.



Hi Florian,

do you already create a new Site (Team Site) from the "new" SharePoint Admin Center and made your external Sharing Settings? Same result?
And what about Office 365 policy settings (in Sec & Comp)? Any limitations about sharing?


@Jens Balondo, thanks. None of those site collections I've identified thus far were created through the admin center. We've got a third party solution for that. However, they're all classic non-unified group connected team sites and, in part, a couple of years old already. So there're no policies applied.


The initial contact by the Microsoft support has not yet taken place, unfortunately.


The weird thing is that that little info message is trying to tell  me that organizational settings are preventing me from selecting this option. However, as outlined in the initial screenshots, everything points to that not having to be the case.



Yes ,Just sharing with others inside this ogransition
Thanks for the answer,
Hi There have you check the equipment a while ago i ask you.


Hi @Florian Hein,


Can you check and see if the Limited Access mode is on for this site? Thanks!

Stephen Rice

OneDrive Program Manager II

Thanks Stephen. I believe I checked and it was not on but test again for various sites and report back tomorrow.

Hi @Stephen Rice, it was indeed the Limited-access user permission lockdown mode feature which was active on the affected sites. I was aware of that feature but I believed that it only prevented sharing folders with external users because I don't remember internal users from ever being prevented to create sharing links of the various types. Anyway, it seems solved now. Thanks Stephen!

@Florian Hein, glad you were able to work it out! Thanks for reporting back here as well :)


Stephen Rice

OneDrive Program Manager II

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