New Group calendar web part rolling out now


The SharePoint team is excited to announce the new Group calendar web part! This web part will be added to the toolbox when creating team news articles and modern pages. We are rolling out to First Release customers now!

  • Note: only tenants that have First Release (FR) set to on for the entire tenant will see these features.
  • Per user first release flighting is not applicable when creating new content that could be seen/viewed by non FR enabled users. 

What are modern pages you ask?

“Modern team site pages are fast, easy to author and support rich multimedia content. And pages look great on any device, in a browser or from within the SharePoint app. Using pages is a great way to communicate and share your ideas—such as status and trip reports, how-to write-ups, know-before-you-go guides and frequently asked questions.” - from our blog post last year.


Group calendar

The Group calendar web part allows you to easily view the calendar of an existing modern group on a page. Just select the group you’d like to link, select the number of calendar events per page you’d like to show, and the web part will automatically populate the events.


 Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 8.15.01 PM.png    Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 8.20.00 PM.png


Easily switch between past and upcoming events, get more details about a specific event, and even download the event to add to your calendar.

Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 8.20.39 PM.pngScreen Shot 2017-08-22 at 8.20.56 PM.pngScreen Shot 2017-08-22 at 8.21.29 PM.png


In the future, we will be listening to customer feedback and adding features! See our support documentation here.

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Any plans on building color coordination into these calendars?
Thanks for the suggestion! However we have checked and the settings look alright.

Any other idea what may cause our issues here?

The Group Calendar web part is displaying "all day" events a day too early.  So if I have an all day event schedule for Friday, the web part shows it on Thursday.  I have checked my time zone settings for my account and the group site and they are set the same (central time UTC -6).  If I change the start time by 1 minute, I can fix the problem.  So instead of the event running from 12:00AM to 11:59PM, I change it to 12:01AM to 11:59PM.  Is there still a time zone issue somewhere within the tenant, or is this a problem with the webpart?  Seems like a pretty simple objective.  

Having the same issue as @Eric_H.


Is this on the agenda to fix? Quite frustrating! :(


hi Alyssa,


First of all thanks for this Webpart. this is really helpful.!!


However for some reason i am not able to open the event details not sure if someone else is facing the same challenge. i.e. When I click on one, I briefly see a window, but before I can read anything whole page refreshes and the window is gone.

Hi Rahul,

It could be a browser issue, I see the dialogue box pop up in Chrome, no problems.

Hi @Andrew Silcock,


For some reason, when i try to open any event here, this is what happens(video attached).


  1. Getting event details dialog box opens for like a fraction of second.
  2. Once that period is over, entire page gets refreshed automatically.



Rahul Koul.

Hi Rahul, can't really explain that one, sorry!

It works for me, but I am using the page layout that uses quick links. That's the only thing I can think of that might be causing it.

Might be worth a ticket to Microsoft Support.

Needs some improvements. Our users continue to revert to Excel as they need to use the calendar to facilitate planning activities. These are must haves not nice to haves.

1. Filter based on a category

2. Color coding based on a category

3. Week, Month and the all important Year view (the Year view must be the Microsoft engineers) because after 20 years I still do not see this in Outlook or any version of SharePoint.

4. Seamless integration between the Group Calendar and SharePoint Calendar. There's too many options Microsoft. A calendar is a calendar. Outlook will always be used. Just combine the group calendar and SharePoint calendar.

Good progress guys but please address the above. It makes it hard to drive adoption.



When will this be available to standard online users?





Love the web part but have an issue.  The Web Part always shows meetings that are in the past,  for example, it's 4/17 and a recurring weekly meeting is being displayed for the meeting on 3/28, 4/4, & 4/11, all of which are in the past.  When I hit 'sync calendar', it correctly displays the next meeting which is 4/18.  However, if I refresh the page it reverts to again showing past meetings.

Seeing the same thing, actually. Even deleted calendar events are showing up in the web part until I click to sync, at which point it pulls through the most current calendar info.

Yep, same thing for us.  Not sure why Microsoft keeps releasing new things when they are clearly not done developing.  This is a common problem with everything 365.  This webpart will probably be nice in 1-2 years.  



Is it possible to view your shared calendar in different views - week, day, month?

We SORELY need a new and Updated FULL PAGE calendar! Recently the best calendar app on the store stopped working and now our company is left with nothing but old style sharepoint calendars that do not mesh with the modern design! Please hurry up and give us an updated calendaring experience for SharePoint! and make sure the categories can sync with OUTLOOK!!!


@Alyssa Danesh

It is an issue with 'Add an app' on Modern Team site.  I added an entry but it did not appear in the calendar.  There was no error. 

where is this Group calendar webpart ???
which category is it under?

Business Data
Content Rollup
Document Sets
Media and Content
Search-Driven Content

Hi Alyssa,

Is there an update on whether Group Calendars will have the functionality of being viewed as a monthly calendar or a visual weekly calendar instead of a list?

If not, do you know if there's a way to embed an Outlook calendar to get this functionality as a workaround in the meantime?

Thank you!!!


@Alyssa DaneshThis post ended with "In the future, we will be listening to customer feedback and adding features!" but without a way to provide this feedback.


What I wanted to provide feedback about:

Some of my users get confused because they do not see the event they added because it's too far in the future. It would be very nice be be able to disable or configure the cut-off date (90 days?).