SharePoint site-footer logo displays also the filename

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We have this weird thing at one of our customers that the SharePoint site-footer logo displays the name of the logo next to it. This is not the case when I'am logged in as an admin, but when I log in like a normal user, they see that.


This is what the admin sees (logo is blurred):


This is what a user (readonly) sees (logo and part of the name is blurred):


How can I prevent SharePoint from displaying that filename/title? It is not a huge problem, but it looks very buggy like this.


Thanks to you all in advance.

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@Kris van Riet 


In the source code, the element might have properties (including the title), is the admin and end-user using the same browser?

Try to check the source code for where the file is included, see if there are properties that includes the title of the file.

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Aref Halmstrand

@Kris van Riet 


Strange... Is there any customization applied on this SharePoint site (maybe using SharePoint framework)?

Also, check if anything is added to "Display name", refer below image:

Footer settings.PNG

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@ganeshsanap thank you for your reply.

There are none customization's in the framework. The only non-OOTB things we use are some webparts that add extra functionality. But the problem with the footer-logo existed already before we used any custom webparts from an app catalog site.


I've tried different browsers and incognito, but it presents no difference.

  • Even when I delete the logo completely, the text is still displayed for the normal user
  • When I add any display name, the name is changed in admin, but as normal user, I still see the old value (which wasn't even in the display name at all).

As an admin, everything works as it should be, as an user (readonly) the problem occurs. I have reviewed the sourcecode in Edge, and this is the difference I see:

As an admin:


As an user (readonly):



As you can see, an extra SPAN is added in the code for the user with read only rights.

Hope this helps in understanding the issue.