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RE: Using a Modern Communication site as an Intranet Home Page

I think I would like to have two "Pages" areas in one Modern Communication Site.  One area will be to store News articles, and the second area will be for Intranet Pages.

I know that I can co-mingle these two types of pages in the one "Pages" area, but it just feels like I should keep them separate because a) they serve two completely different purposes, b) so I can reveal them in a variety of places using the Highlighted Content web part & not have the wrong thing appear, and c) for housekeeping purposes.

I know could add a metadata column and flag each page with a tag of either "news" or "page," but that would be an extra step for a contributor to have to go through, and may or may not happen.

The other issue is that it doesn't appear that I can actually add a second pages area to a Communication Site.  


SharePoint Product Team, can you provide some guidance on this? 

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Basically no matter the site type you have in SPO, you can only have a single pages library per site
Thanks @Juan Carlos Gonzalez Martin I can’t imagine that this is an unusual scenario for a simple intranet site to need both news pages and and content pages. So is the right solution to have 2 sites and make one a hub site for the other? It just seems like such overkill to have to make two sites, just because you want two categories of pages.



There is a 'work around' that will need testing specifically in the communications site because Microsoft have included so many restrictions to ensure it can be developed further.


But on other sites you can create document libraries and add the Site Page content type.  As I said this will have some restrictions but if you are looking for users to create pages in a  specific location (like within the new library) and for a page to manually display them (as in a hero web part) then this might work for you.


SharePoint has become more restrictive in workarounds so that some of the new great features are simpler to use (like create a news article and it just works from a user perspective but only if the site admin wants all pages in one place ;) ) This might do what you want and it is worth a try but do not be surprised if in a specific site type some features seem not to work.


Best of luck...



Well, the fact is that for many years we have only have a single pages document library per type: SitePages and Pages (if you enabled Publishing)...the workaround suggested by Steve could work but in the past if you need to differentiate between Pages types you had the following approaches:
(1) Have a single Pages library with different layouts (this is currently not possible in Communication Sites but it's coming)
(2) Have more than a Page library in different subsites under your main site (this is something that you can still do Today with classic sites, but not with modern ones