Document set provisioning error with pre added content


Hi Folks, I am trying to check an issue related to document library which has a custom content type with document set contents( 7 Documents). When I create a new document set in the library using that it creates the document set but only adds few documents and breaks with an exception "The file Portfolio_Comms/test docset/test docset - testdoc.docx has been modified by i:0#.f|membership| on 24 Oct 2017 15:55:56 -0700."
This behavior is intermittent and although the document set is added the problem is with the content that comes along with it.

What I tried was creating a new custom content type inheriting from oob document set type. Added few documents under the document set settings, attached that content type to library. But still the exception is there. Any pointers would be helpful.If i remove the documents it works and i tried replacing the documents

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