Moving a SP List


I've created a SP Online list and populated it with quite a lot of data. I've also created some flows and automations.


The list was created under my personal account, I now want to move this list (including data, settings and connected flows) to my MS Team so that my colleagues can add to and edit the list.


How can I achieve this?

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I wish there is an easy button for this. But as of now the only option I can think of is to export your list to excel and create a new list based on exported excel in your SharePoint site. Once the list is created, it is an easy fix to point your automations to new location.
If you have access to any migration tools, you can use them to migrate your list as well.

@jonboylib you can create the structure of the new list from within SharePoint, then use a flow in Power Automate to copy each item from the old list to the new list. Any flows that depend on the old list will need to be updated of course.


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@Bharath Arja I also wish there was a button for this!
@RobElliott and what if I have calculated fields and formulas in my current SP list, do I also need to manually copy these to the new list?
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@jonboylib no, they'll copy over when you create the new list.


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