How do you delete a document as the owner after deleting your permissions?

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Hello all


I am the owner of a Sharepoint site and I added a document to the site. Afterwards I clicked on 'manage access' and stopped all permissions to owners, members and visitors of the site. So, I deleted my own permission as well by accident. How can I delete this document now?

Thank you in advance


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Hello, is the document library inheriting permissions from the parent site?
Thank you for your reply. No, I deleted all inheriting permissions from the parent site before deleting the permissions of members, owners and visitors.
I didn't test if there is other way but you could inherit permissions again and regain ownership
I can't inherit permissions again as I don't have access to the 'manage access' site. Is there another way?
If you've got a global admin they should be able to re-apply your permissions. But for the future remember to never ever delete your own permissions if you are the owner of a site.