Modern Calendar View Updates Needed

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I'm very happy to see the Calendar View now available, but unfortunately, I can't really use it.  It would be so much more useful if I could filter by columns, use calculated columns that contain date data, and even show conditional formatting.  At a minimum, all the options available in the classic view calendar would be awesome.  Looking at past comments, it appears that we've been waiting for years to even have a calendar view.  Is there a timeline for enhancements to make it really flexible?

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@Sarah_Lanning Totally agree, without filters This is just not very useful. nice design but one can´t add any logit to it. add categories, with colours, filter by column are are totally missing. 


i hope microsoft come up with updated features for this. 

When I created a modern calendar view, double clicking an existing item brings up a download dialog box with some garbage file name? Is this the expected behavior? This is unusable the way it is as people want to double-click the item and edit it like any normal person would expect it to do. I tried to use this and all I got were people telling me it didn't work because they couldn't edit the items.I know you can select an item and click the edit button but not sure why that can't just work like other list items when you double click it?
Interestingly, if you use the edit view page on a modern calendar view and save any changes from there, the view is hosed permanently and reverts back to an old classic view, never to be able to be modern again. Nice little time bomb there... Another great provision by Microsoft. Make us wait for years for a standard, rudimentary feature that exists on every other platform. Then create something that doesn't work and make it so that when a user tries to make it work, it gets even more broken than it was in the first place. Nice.
It is amazing to me that Microsoft just throws out junk products like this that are useless. I'm spending hours trying to develop a workable task/project management list - bouncing between project, tasks, and lists and find that each solution is inadequate. It is amazing to me that MS cannot get their s*** together with Sharepoint. In the case of this subject - the calendar view in modern pages, I agree - we must be able to add filters based on fields from our list, and conditional formatting to customize the calendar function.