Saving something to SharePoint is still an issue for us


Our users work with SharePoint every day, but many of us still have troubles with saving files to SharePoint easily from different applications.

Even in Word/Excel or PowerPoint the options are pretty limited.

For example look at this screen:


If the page you want to save something appears here, its okay, but many times this is not the case.

If someone creates a new MS Team or Site and wants to store things there, the page does not appear for many new members of that site/team.

Or it appears only three days later.


An easy way to add a site to this window does not exist. Wouldn't it be so easy to add a search box to the top, where a user can search for an SPO site or at least add the URL of a site?

But we currently have to rely on the algorithm that chooses the sites for us, or a user has to actively "follow" a new site to store something there.
For this reason our users get frustrated because they have to:
- Save the file locally

- Drag and drop it to SharePoint

- Delete the local copy


This is very annoying and would be easy to change by MS in my opinion.


I am currently tempted to write an easy tool myself.

The tool could "watch" a folder in the file system. Any time a file is added to that folder, a window appears that asks you where to store the file.

You can there search a SharePoint page (using the Graph API) and once you selected one, the file is uploaded there automatically. Does such a tool exist already?


I can't belive I might have to do this job myself now and that there are no easier ways for this.


Can you understand our frustration? Or is there an option how to easiliy store a file in SharePoint Online that we are missing?


We are happy about any advise. 


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