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I am dealing with a small issue, but it maybe is not so simple.
I have a SharePoint list, and on that list one of the columns titled "Appointments" is as a lookup column pulling the "Title" column from the list titled "Insurance Appointments".

When an item from the title column is selected on the lookup column - I want to show only the columns in the "Insurance Appointments" list where all other corresponding column value in the "Insurance Appointments" list are set to "Yes".

So, when a user selects an item from the lookup column, it should only display items that have a Yes value.

This is the lookup column:


When they select an item, I want it to only show the users that have a value, so it will show the users who work with that company, and not users that do not. (as you can see someone with no value is displayed).




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@bryanfrumkin47 Check if workaround given here is working for you: How to filter lookup column based on another column from using specific criteria? 


If not, you would need to customize the list form using Power Apps and use custom logic for your requirements.

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On that article, it touches on my issue but only a small part of it.
When I select an item from Column1 - I want it to only show the corresponding columns that have a value.
This methodology showed in this article would work if I selected the newly created column instead of the original column and it showed only the active columns.