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I have a simple list that I occasionally need to create an HTML report since people don't have access to SharePoint Online and I don't want a pdf for this report.

Just something people can simply and easily click a link to open the list in HTML.

Is there any straightforward way of doing this? I know you can use MS Access, but it paginates the HTML report into multiple pages and it asks for a HTML template. Nahhh I dont want that finnicky stuff, just a simple HTML report people can click on and scroll down to see the data. 

Very simple.

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Wow, a very good percentage of posts in this and other forums are all viewed, never any responses.

I guess there really aren't that many out there that know anything about this subject.

MSFT, maybe time to put these forums to bed? All they seem to be doing is wasting people's time coming here for discussion/assistance and never any responses. It used to be helpful, we get more responses from trolls elsewhere than actual interaction here.


@Carl_Williams you're totally wrong. There are a lot of people here that know a great deal about SharePoint, Power Apps, Power Automate etc. Although we don't work for Microsoft, if you did even a bit of looking on the forum you'd see we do provide a lot of solutions. To say there are never any responses is utter bollocks.


Some of us have spent the last 15 years or more working almost exclusively on these platforms. But that doesn't mean we necessarily, or immediately, have an answer to your specific scenario. And we also have jobs so sometimes some of us are not around every day. Sorry if our absence offends you.


Your scenario is a bit strange: if your users don't have access to SharePoint Online how on earth do you expect them to view the data in the list? Where are you exporting it to so that they CAN see it? Why don't you use a flow in Power Automate to export it to an Excel spreadsheet? Or a flow in Power Automate that sends the the list info by email?


Rather than criticising this forum that helps a lot of people, give us a bit more information about how you want to display/send the list data - just saying HTML doesn't really help -  then maybe, via Power Automate or PAD perhaps, we can give some sort of resolution.


You've got me a bit annoyed to be honest which is not something I want on a sunny Spanish Sunday afternoon.


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Sorry Rob, I'm just calling it as I've seen it for the past several years. You may be referring to yourself and a few others but for the most part, often there's only lots and lots and lots of views, responses after weeks. So, the 'work' thing is kind've moot in my opinion, AND, I've had feedback from many other users over an extended period of time that have had the same experience.
My scenario is not strange at all, and in fact there are no users, it's just me on my subscription. I wanted to export list data to an html table, didn't know how to do it other than Access. It's not strange, it's one of the more simplistic questions here. I now shy away from msft docs as their help sections are not much more than fluff. Also, I posed this question a week ago and within that time not a single hit YET you all get your knickers in a twist when I say something that offends you on a Sunday (whatever that means) a week after the fact.
Consequently, instead of getting on my case for speaking the truth you should've simply responded "use this link or use this process etc." but no, funny how people have enough time in their busy schedule helping people to not help people but rather 'attempt' to discipline someone with quite a bit more life experience than you.
Moreover, even approaching MSFT Support is beyond fruitless. It takes weeks just to get them to understand a simple sentence much less help anyone.

So you're "irritated"???? You're not the one constantly being ghosted by supposed "advanced users" over years of attempts to acquire assistance. When I turn up my voice, only then do I get a response, and not a nice one either. You said it yourself, people don't work for Microsoft yet there appears to be a standard behavior that seems like I've hurt someone's best friend's feelings with FACTS! 

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Now, to actually help others, here is what ended up working successfully for me: