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Hi everyone,


I'm really banging my head against the wall on this one..


I've created a modern Sharepoint blog and the issue I'm having is that the limit on the number of posts displayed in a news webpart is only 12 posts. I know there is a 'see all' button and that's kind of fine. However, I can't alter this page in any way. Forgetting this, can I increase the default number of posts beyond 12 (on the correct layout) or use more than one News webpart without repeating the posts? 

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Just to add, manually assigning the posts is also out of the question as this would need a constant update.



One more note, I have also explored the 'Highlighted content' webpart, but unfortunately this adds a small (undesirable) icon that can't be removed.

@Riaz_Farooq no unfortunately you can't increase the number.


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@RobElliott Thanks for the response, would any sort of workaround be possible using more than one news feed? I'm really looking just to recreate the 'see all' function but of course have control over the appearance, whilst also including other useful webparts.


Would anyone know if right Power App might help? It's frustrating as this was not an issue in classic.

@Riaz_Farooq I'd love to see this as a feature too. Maybe I'm a noob, but is there somewhere I could at least link to that shows all the news posts for my SharePoint site?

@CrystalMarini yes it's the "See all" link at the top right of the news web part on your page.


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@RobElliott That's the strange thing. I don't have that button, but I could be looking in the wrong place.




as of March 2022, it still displays up to 12 posts. This is terrible. Hope MS increase number of new posts soon. and we also need to able to add filter or search on 'See all' page. It makes extremely difficult to find a specific news.

@tsaweb, I totally agree that the News web part should include:

  1. See All (and then Show All or see "2").
  2. Show More (at the bottom of the currently displayed) to show another 12, say... This may only work for List or Side by Side views.
  3. Search (instead of Filter?)
I cannot see this either?