How do I manage permissions for external users?

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We have created a new site collection solely for the purpose of creating sites to share files with external users.  This works really well, we have enabled sharing, we share the site using external email addresses, they get the email message and then they can log in.  We share files and everything is great.


However, I'm struggling to find a way to manage the permissions for these external users.  When I go into site permissions, or library permissions, I can only see our internal users listed.  There is no sign of any external users.  Where are they?  How do I change their permissions, or remove them altogether?


If I log in to the Office 365 Admin I can see them listed under the users page, so they do exist in our tenant.




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If you are sharing files using the sharing options, external users are not going to appear in the SharePoint users group. From the site usage page you can download a report with information from files shared externally:
Hi, and thanks for the reply.

So one I have generated a report of the permissions how do we manage them? How can we remove permissions, or change them from read-only to edit?

Is anyone able to help with this please? I can't find a way to manage the permissions for external users.