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Hi all,


I have project, where I have list with our vendor emails and I need grant access to files for each vendor, that mean example I have ~400 files and I should grant access 1 vendor = 1 file. But now I have issue, that system don't allow share more then 200 in one hour, is it possible somehow change this limitation?

Example message, which I receive: You cannot share with more than 200 external users per hour. Please try again later.

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How are you uploading this and managing these ?

200 is a hard limit that can't be bypassed but you can probably setup and Power Automate Flow that shares to external users and waits and hour and share the next 200.
Basically I use Power automate, which create many files, for each vendor individual file and then flow grant access to item or folder for each specific file and my power automate flow always failed on this stage, because I send out links to ~400 external vendors and in one hour I send out more then 200 and I checked in power automate forum and some colleagues said, that there are no limitation on power automate side, but more on SharePoint site. How I can fix this?
Yes, it's a limitation on SharePoint side. You can put a delay timer i the flow after 200 Items it waits 60min


I have apply to each for each vendor and below are steps, which get vendor email, create file, make changes in file and grant access, then extract shared link etc., in which stage better to use this delay timer? Maybe better for each ~20 seconds?



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20 sec each should work! :) after 200 items it should have waited total of 66min .