What permission allows users to rename a News Post?

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When users are composing a news post, the page is saved (and sent for approval) with a random title like "wh98dxl.aspx" instead of title of the page "Read%20This%20News.aspx".  


Just wondering which setting in permissions allows them to save the page with the title. I want as limited permission as possible. I'm afraid "delete" might be required but I don't want to give them permission to delete pages.  


Side note: I REALLY hate that renaming and moving things requires a Delete permission :pouting_face: 

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You can create a custom permission :


Here you can check what permissions you want the group to have, and then create a group and assign users that group:




That's not an answer to my question. I am creating a custom permission and I'm asking which of these items allows users to rename a news post. Is it required to give a user Delete permission in order for the page name to be saved as something other than random characters?

Rename = edit, so add edit permission
If you don't want the user to delete the item then have that box unchecked